Am I good enough?

Does my voice matter?

Who am I to do this?

What if I screw up?

What will they think?

Recognize this voice?

The one that doubts who you are and what you’re capable of.

If so, we’re in this together. Research shows 80% of our time is spent consumed in Worry.

Fortunately, there's still a part of us that whispers, "What if?"

That’s your voice of Wonder. That’s your inner strength calling.

While Worry is busy repeating our doubts like a broken record, Wonder asks questions that stir up possibility and set us free.

In every moment, we have a choice: Worry or Wonder.

Which will you choose?

Hey! I'm Amber Rae.

Choosing Wonder led me to speak at Kate Spade and charity: water, collab with Seth Godin and Apple, guide leaders at Google, Adobe, and IDEO, launch a global art movement, and reach over 5MM people from 195 countries.

But Worry almost stopped me. Now it’s my mission to make sure it doesn’t stop you, too.

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Amber Rae
Amber Rae

when I choose worry, I...

Question my talents.

Compare myself to others.

Avoid discomfort.

Play it safe.


Worry is the chatter in our mind that ruminates on the past and feels anxiety for the future.

It’s the part of us that wants to play it safe, avoid mistakes, and never shake things up.

Worry panics every time we try to do something brave and worthwhile.

It stifles our talent and well-being, and stops us from moving forward.

Thankfully, there’s a way through the noise.

It’s when we choose Wonder over Worry.

when I choose wonder, I...

Question the stories I tell myself.

Follow curiosities.

Embrace discomfort.

Give fewer f*cks.

Keep. Moving. Forward.

Wonder is our lens of curiosity, voice of possibility, and investigative eye.

It’s the part of us that take risks, embraces change, and allows our true self to be seen.

Wonder questions conventions, and authors its own version of success.

It sees our fears and doubts, and moves bravely ahead anyway.

When we choose Wonder, doors open and dots connect.

We get the feeling that we’re exactly where we’re meant to be.



Ready to be more brave? Get your 7-day guide to choosing Wonder over Worry. A gift from me to you.


  • Identify and shift limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Make friends with the crazies inside your head
  • Take action in the face of uncertainty and doubt
Amber Rae
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Every meaningful thing I’ve ever done almost didn’t happen.

I’d walk to the edge of my comfort zone, peek at what’s ahead, and the same reaction would rush through me: Fear. Doubt. Discomfort. HIDE!

A voice inside of me would call out, “Are you good enough to do this?”

And let’s be honest, it wasn’t just one voice—it was a whole theatre of critics that doubted my talents, worth, and lovability. For years, these worries ran the show.

That is, until I learned to listen to Wonder.

Wonder inspired me to question my critics, take tiny steps, face uncertainty, and see possibilities at every turn. It led me to meet the love of my life, create work I’m proud of, and start and finish the projects that matter most.

Is there a book you want to write?
...a revolution you want to start?
...a part of yourself you want to discover?
...a risk you want to take? idea you can’t stop thinking about?

The world needs you now more than ever, and I’m here to walk with you.

Let’s do this.

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What Brené Brown is to vulnerability, Amber is to wonder. She's a real, living, breathing wonder-woman.

WILL JELBERT Author & Journalist

Amber Rae is calming and electrifying. She's an approachable beacon of light, liveloving her truth, and she desperately wants the same for you, too.