Hello, Beautiful Human!

I’m Amber Rae — a writer, keynote speaker, and artist based in Brooklyn, New York.

I live with my fiancé Farhad in a loft we named “Wonderland.”

Right now, I’m writing a book about Choosing Wonder Over Worry.

If you, like me, live for bringing ideas to life, but sometimes get caught up in negative self-talk, perfectionism, not enough-ness, solo-suffering, imposter syndrome, and ALL the feels of the creative process, I get it.

And, I’m creating for you.

I know what it feels like to move from “THIS IS AMAZING!” to “This is complete shit and I am complete shit” in a matter of days (and sometimes minutes).

I’ve found a way through the noise, and it’s when I choose Wonder over Worry.

Now, I’m on a mission to bring this message to as many people who are ready to hear it.

What’s possible when we Choose Wonder?

Choosing Wonder led me on a journey around the world and inside myself.

I studied with authors in New York, shamans in Bali, and neuroscientists in California.

I gave keynotes to Kate Spade and charity: water, launched six best-selling books with Seth Godin, collab’d with Apple, and guided thousands of leaders at companies like Google, IDEO, and Adobe.

I wrote Fast Company’s #3 leadership article of the year, and reached over 5MM people from 195 countries with my writing.

But all of this I almost didn’t do. Worry almost stopped me. Now it’s my mission to make sure it doesn’t stop you, too.

If you’re ready to choose Wonder, I put my full heart into creating 7 Days To Wonder. It’s a week-long series of emails, and it’s a gift from me to you. You can sign-up below.



Ready to be more brave? Get your 7-day guide to choosing Wonder over Worry. A gift from me to you.


  • Identify and shift limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Make friends with the crazies inside your head
  • Take action in the face of uncertainty and doubt
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