1-on-1 Experiences

Is there a book you want to write? A revolution you want to start? A part of yourself you want to discover? An idea you can’t stop thinking about?

If you’re in the midst of a really important creative project… but that idea feels “stuck” inside of you, you’re in the right place.

I design transformative experiences for individuals and brands, and have worked with thousands of leaders at companies like Adobe, IDEO, Google, Facebook, Apple, Kate Spade, and Unilever.

I also support independent workers, consultants, and artists of all kinds.

Past clients have launched best-selling books, raised over $500K on Kickstarter, given TED talks, built cult followings online, sold companies for over $150MM, won awards for their designs, made career leaps, aligned who they are with what they do, and created a more fulfilling life.



My coaching and advisory work blends emotional and strategic support, with a dash of wonder.

We’ll navigate the discomfort that emerges in the process of creating anything worthwhile, and draw a unique map to bring your ideas into the world.

Together, we can:

+ Clarify your idea, vision, priorities, and driving “Why”

+ Identify and move beyond limitations and blocks

+ Draw a unique path to success—for you and your work

+ Amp up your creativity and courage

+ Rewire your brain for success and fulfillment

+ Develop creative, brand, and marketing strategies

+ Design your schedule in way that has you thrive

+ Make magic happen, and have fun along the way



Wonder: The Experience.

For a month-long intensive—which includes 4 weekly calls, actions in between, and a follow-up call 4-6 weeks after our work completes—programs start at $3900.

I only work with two people at a time so I can devote myself fully.

Create Your Own Adventure.

Want me to speak on creative courage at your company? Want to fly me to your city to lead a workshop with your clients? Want to spend a weekend with me, face to face, so we can map out a big project that’s tugging at your heart?

If you have a unique offering, feel free to tell me about it. I’m always open to new and unexpected adventures!



If you want to work together, I’m honored and curious to learn more about you. I’m now available to work with clients starting May 2017. I only work with two people at a time, so my availability fills up fast.

To chat about you and your project, email amber@choosewonder.com. Tell me about who you are, what you’re creating, and why you want to work together.




“Amber went above and beyond for me every single week, giving an invaluable toolbox of strategies to grow my business. She’s worth the investment—tenfold.” — Shannon Lohr, Factory45

“Since I started working with Amber, I soon discovered and began calling her my “Clarity Ninja.” She has the magic ability to listen to you and with her intuition, map out a clear plan of your chaotic world. She’s helped me gain clarity on so many aspects of life—from business to relationships, and the bigger picture.” — Nick Onken, Photographer

“Amber is that rare individual who knows how to read people better than people can read themselves. Her insights are as courageous as they are significant. Working with her as an author is a gift.” — Tobias Stockwell Rose, Author and Designer

“Amber Rae is a gently guiding, electric light that hypnotizes you in the direction of your dreams, regardless of how soft they whisper.” — Lalita Ballesteros, Comedian and Creative Director

“I view Amber as one of the seminal voices of our generation. Amber connects on a deep, emotional level. What truly sets her apart from other thought leaders is her ability to drive people to action. If you are in need of an inspiring catalyst or speaker, look no further.” — Andrew Horn, CEO of Tribute

“It’s rare to meet someone with such clarity and conviction. Someone who’s as true to herself, her words, her values, and her beliefs, as Amber. If you feel aimless and need to find direction, follow Amber. If you feel unmotivated, apathetic, or complacent, follow Amber. If you’re not loving your life and living it to the fullest, follow Amber. She has given me the courage to stick to my guns, and to never settle. She’s the little angel on my shoulder who pokes pokes pokes at me until I say, “Okay okay okay! I know! You’re right! One way or another, I’m going to make this happen!” — James Wu, Brand Consultant

“Amber very quickly opened up new possibilities in my life. She taught me to believe in my intuition, follow my heart, embrace change and appreciate a healthy dose of fear. In 8 months, I live in a new city, on a new coast, work in a new domain and have a new job.” — Deepa Subramanian, VP of Product, Kickstarter

“With a healthy disregard for the impossible, Amber  chases what she believes in. Spend just 10 minutes with her and she’ll convince you to do the same. She changes lives, has changed mine, and I’m certain that she’ll change yours if you let her.” — Daniel Epstein, Founder & CEO at Unreasonable Group

“Amber is beacon of radiant strength, enveloped in energetic love. With her encouragement and acceptance to come as you are, she pushes you to internally explore and undress your own questions to find clarity.” — Jean Powell, VP of Sales at MiiR

“Many of us have this underlying feeling that there is more to life. But life can be confusing and overwhelming. I have met very few people in this world who see right through all this fog and see right to our core: what really matters.” — Fabian Pfortmüller, Entrepreneur

“Amber is pure love. She creates a major impact on the world and continues to empower and inspire others to realize their vision by embracing the power within them to make it a reality.” — Lewis Howes, Author and Entrepreneur

“Amber makes anything seem possible. She’s so full of energy and enthusiasm and good ideas, it’s absolutely infectious. If her spirit could be bottled, I’d happily buy a case.” — Maccabee Montandon, Writer and Editor



Ready to be more brave? Get your 7-day guide to choosing Wonder over Worry. A gift from me to you.


  • Identify and shift limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Make friends with the crazies inside your head
  • Take action in the face of uncertainty and doubt
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