Worried, “What will they think of me?” Read this.

I had a group of creatives at my loft recently to talk about ideas, visions, and dreams.

Want to know the most common fear that came up for all of us?

“What will they think of me?”

Maybe you’ve stalled on a project because you were worried about how you’d be perceived, or you hid from a path you knew you wanted to go down because of a fear of rejection.

I certainly have.

Courtney, a member of our community, sent me an article recently that speaks to this.

The author says, “Every time I’m around people I guess what they are thinking about me. When I give a speech, if I spot someone frowning I review what I said to figure out what bothered them. I am a prowler in the minds of other people. Except, of course, I have no flashlight, and at least half the time I get it wrong. And that is the source of my anxiety.”

Woahhhh, can I relate to that!

Here’s the thing I have to remind myself about rejection:

Rejection is evidence that you are pushing your limits and going beyond your comfort zone.

Disapproval is an inevitable part of the creative process, and the key is to remember that people not resonating with you is how you find those who align with you most.



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