Feeling Rejected? Read this.

Rejection used to be limited to the size of our immediate circle.

Now, thanks to the internet, rejection can be felt moment-by-moment when our posts, texts, emails, or shares are left without a response.

So how do we deal with rejection in the digital age?

Many of you have written in about this topic, so I wanted to share the one core philosophy that I have around rejection:

Rejection Is A Filter. So, Aim for it. 

Meaning, when someone doesn’t like your post, says “No” to working with you, doesn’t reply to your email or respond in the way that you had hoped, that says less about you, and more about them.

Feedback is always a reflection of someone else’s worldview, which may or may not resonate with your own.

I was in conversation with two people about the same project idea recently.

One said “This is not defined enough, you shouldn’t pursue it, you should stop now.”

And the other? She said, “This is amazing, it totally moves me, I see it, let’s go!”

For the same exact idea, one person rejected me, while the other said “HELL YES.”

So, remember: rejection is not about you; it’s a filter for your best work.

When one door closes, a more aligned fit is coming through.

Aim for Rejection.



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